About Me

Web developer profile:

I am a software developer with 4 years of web development experience. My primary tools include Ruby on Rails, ReactJS via Redux, AWS, PostgreSQL, and Redis, although in the past I have used AngularJS. For now, I am most productive with Ruby and Rails as a back-end language and framework, but I am also looking at Elixir and Go for future projects.

My last job was in Sourcepad, where I worked with American clients to get their ideas off the ground. My last three projects were Golfcrow, a golfing app, Xtopia, a data aggregator app, and Commutyble, a parking app. Prior to Sourcepad, I worked for I Can Pass Accounting!, an education startup where accounting students can take quizzes for their board exams.

I’m trying to diversify my interests while maintaining a high knowledge of web development and programming. My lifelong-learning repo (140+ stars) has nearly a hundred thousand lines of lessons from different fields (ex: programming, business, philosophy, cooking). My daryllxd repo serves as a repository for programming tools I use in my life (productivity tracker, budget tracker).

I live in Manila with my family, and while I am currently open to remote jobs, I am looking for opportunities in Singapore.

Random facts about me:

Throughout most of my educated life, I was a government scholar in both the highest ranked university and highest ranked high school in my country. Due to a lack of life direction (long story 😂), I dropped out and worked in a call center. This transformative event (which is the best way of saying that I dropped out) paved the way for me to find out what I wanted to do with my life.

I am very much seeking to be an educated generalist (my Coursera profile lists 26 courses finished). I am very much a lover of learning and I believe in “Learn, Create, Ship.”, and shipping comes first because we can edit things later anyway.

In my spare time, I go on hikes (more than 30 summits in the Philippines), I go on long bike rides (completed the Audax 200 twice), and I read books.