30 Days of Writing, Day 5: Systems Instead of Discipline.

This title is very apt since I’m really tired right now (the bike just killed me), but here goes.

You brain has a limited amount of willpower and decisions it can do per day. Don’t waste this on stupid shit by creating systems that will incentivize good habits while disallowing bad ones.

Food system: there’s no way for my brother and I to eat bad food in the house because we only buy nutritious food. I also have an outstanding bet to my homeboy that if I eat a bag of chips, I’ll pay him 1000 pesos ($25).

Temptation system: I block out social media on my machine so I don’t have to resist the monster that is Facebook.

Fitness system: I pay $10 a month (a big deal to us Filipinos) to Trainer Road, the cycling software I use, and I’m compelled to finish the exercises on an almost daily (6 times a week) basis.

Shame system: Even though I really want to sleep right now, I would be doing myself a disservice by not following up on my word, and I don’t want to be that kind of person.

Create those systems now, while you’re in a future-thinking state, so that future, lazy, present-thinking you has no choice than to do it. By creating systems that ensure you spend your time and your brainpower on something good for you, you get to get more out of your days.