30 Days of Writing, Day 7: Just Have a One Percent Day

There are days where I can say that I’m really not that motivated that much. It could be something with my brain or with my sleep or with my food or with my exercise, but I don’t want anyone reading this blog to have this illusion that I don’t have bad days. I’ve had a lot of shitty days.

When those days come along, I ask myself, what is the smallest unit of work that I can do to move me closer to my dreams?

I would really not program today, but I can probably read on 100 word blog post on programming. Hell, I don’t even have to open my programming editor.

I would really rather not write today, but I can probably read 1 paragraph on this writing book that I got from the Internet.

I would really not exercise today, but I can probably just walk 1 kilometer just to say that I exercised for the day.

Try not to have a zero day, try to have a “one percent better” day, or even a “0.01 percent better” day. You’ll be surprised at how the small one percents add up.