30 Days of Writing, Day 9: You Can Make Mistakes

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to write this blog post on time, as I slept before pushing this article out. I could rationalize and say that I was too tired, but I had an entire day (and to be quite honest, I only really need less than an hour) to do this, and I didn’t.

And that’s okay. You can’t expect every day to go the way you want to. What’s important is you pick yourself back up and try again the next day.

Missing one day of progress shouldn’t be a reason for you to just say “screw it” and just quit on pursuing your goals. If you quit after just one day of skipping, you probably didn’t want that goal in the first place.

That’s not a bad thing, if it’s really true: I have about 20 hours in “trying” to be an animator, and I quit midway, because it I was so damn disinterested in it that I would rather watch the wall in front of me than continue with Macromedia Flash, lol.

It’s a career path that I have total respect for, but I have no regrets when I say that I tried to, and I will most likely never be, an animator.

If your inside voice is telling you though that you really want to do this goal that you set out to do, then remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint, write that 10 sentences, and continue on with the process.