30 Days of Writing

There’s something seriously wrong with how I interpret myself as an aspiring writer. For someone who has the audacity to call himself that, I haven’t been doing a lot of writing.

My long-standing alibi has been “I’ll write the horribleness out of my system by just writing a lot of articles”, but I seem to always conveniently forget what “a lot” means, especially when it comes to hitting “commit” on my computer.

So for this month, I’ll be changing that by forcing myself to write a blog post every day, with no exceptions.

There are only two rules: each article must be exactly ten sentences long, and I must ship an article before I sleep.

This means thirty articles for the thirty days in April. Each will contain a life lesson and at the end of the month, I’ll have a “Thirty Lessons From My Thirtieth Year of Existence” draft going on.

So for the first lesson: “Everything worth it in life takes both practice and time.” I can’t get better at writing unless I keep on writing, even if I suck right now, and you can’t get better at the thing you want to do unless you keep on doing it, even if you suck right now.

See you in thirty days.