Good Habits: The 100 Things Challenge

Summary: I have 103 things. Having few, high quality things has made my life easier because I don’t have to think that much. The point of the challenge is not having a limit, but limiting consumption. Impulse buys are the worst. Whenever you want to buy something, don’t think you’ll miss out if you don’t buy it. Just wait for a few days before actually buying the thing. I first heard about the 100 Things Challenge when I was a college student.

Bike to Work Checklist

Bike to Work Checklist: Work things. Bag (rain cover). Computer (mouse, mousepad, keyboard, charger). Headphones (charging cables). Camera (batteries, cables, charger). Phone (charger). Wallet. Keys. Water bottle. Lunch (lunch box, utensils). Supplements. Bike-specific things. Front light. Back light. Bike lock. Hand pump. Multi-tool. 2x inner tube. Patch kit. Tire levers. Clothing Extra shirt. Jacket. Deodorant. Sun screen. Facial routine (facial wash, toner, serum, moisturizer).

Hiking Preparations 😱

1 week before: Pre-climb/itineraries. 🏔 Confirm itinerary. When to leave/meeting place, expected costs, options re: going to the jump-off point. Required permits for the climb. Confirm assignments: who’s the team leader, assistant leader/sweeper, medic. Get contact details/person to contact in case of emergency for all hikers. Get a contact person in Manila or wherever you are where you can send climb updates to. Required clothing/tools (cold wear, gloves, trekking poles).

Travel Guide: Korea in Winter

Getting the Visa (Philippines): Visa requirements are on the Korean embassy page. If your parents are retired (they don’t have an ITR), you can use your ITR as a substitute. My brother is in school so I used my ITR since I was sponsoring his trip. I don’t think you need to be physically present when applying for the Visa. We forgot a requirement (my brother’s school certificate) the first time we got there so we re-applied a few days after.


I’ve decided to start blogging again. And this time I want to stick to this for good (like for the rest of my life). A few years back I did the Project 365 thing where you took a picture of the day for 365 days. I really liked that year since I actively tried to do something per day so surely writing about things should have that kind of effect 😱