Weekly Recap 1527/5000, where I learn a new programming language for the first time in four years.

On the 1527th week of my life, I:

Life updates

My main objective for this week was to learn the Elixir programming language and make something productive with it. All the cool Rails developers seem to be migrating to Elixir. Plus, I haven’t learned a language in three years.

I’m enjoying it. It’s easier to learn a programming language if you know others already. I can draw upon my Ruby and Rails experience to help me learn Elixir and Phoenix. Much of the first few days has been “how do I implement <insert Ruby command> in <insert Elixir command>. I know that this limits my development to “Elixir language features that are also implemented in Ruby”, but for now, it’s okay. I’ll get to the Elixir-specific features later.

My app for Elixir is Habits One, a habit tracking app. A user can put in their habit, then every day they can manually flag if they do the habit or not. That’s the core of the app. I’ll show a screenshot when I have a prototype up.

My tactics on learning Elixir:

Okay, see you. I need to write my speech!