Weekly Recap, 1529/5000, where I get back to ReactJS and vlog for my job application.

On the 1529th week of my life, I:

Life Updates

Last week, I worked on Rails code and did some architectural changes to Daryllxd, my life tracking software. This week, I split time between the front-end (ReactJS), back-end (Ruby/Domain Driven Design), and the server (AWS). While this might seem like I’m spreading my brain too thin, I find that I’ve been able to find recurring patterns that help me in the three disciplines. Also, because I operate with strict time limits for the three, I just cut down to the chase and try to sprint for my objectives for the day.

My short- and medium-term goal for the front-end is to create an actual web interface for the Daryllxd app. I’m seeing the limitations of a command line interface: while it’s sort of faster for me to insert data, I can’t use the command line to make graphs and advanced tables. I need JavaScript for those!

Honestly, I’ve never felt comfortable with JavaScript, but I need to relearn this in order to become a full-stack developer again.