Weekly Recap, 1531: Deploying Transcripto, Women Who Code: Her 2.0, First Century Ride in 2018.

On the 1531st week of my life, I:

Women Who Code/Future Transcription Person, Lol.

Last Saturday, I went to Women Who Code: Her 2.0 to transcribe the learnings from the event. It was the first time I went to a tech event where women severely outnumbered men (there were probably <10 guys and 100++ ladies).

While I can never be a woman in tech (though who knows? Lol), that experience made me relate more to some of the struggles that they might face. I felt like an outsider, even though there should be no reason for me to do so. We’re all programmers, anyway. That’s what I kept telling myself, but I can’t help feeling a little bit uncomfortable being in the minority.

Is this what a lady programmer feels like when she’s surrounded by men, or is this what a black guy would feel if he was the only black guy in the company? Possibly. It’s hard to explain because it’s something that you feel, not just something you read about. While I’ve read a few articles on diversity, being in an actual minority position, even for a few hours, was more impactful.

I have to ship this weekly recap, but the people I met in that event were so cool. I’m still working on the transcripts for the event, but thank you Joy, Mich, and Women Who Code!