Weekly Recap, 1533: I Commit to Writing an Article a Day for the Month of April.

Creating Bike Paps

Now that I have my first ReactJS project under my belt (Writing Prompts!), I’m going to make something a little more complex. It should, at some point, have Redux, HTTP stuff (Axios or fetch), Google Maps integration, possibly user accounts, and other advanced React/modern front-end features. I’m excited. I think there is a niche for this because there are very few cycling resources in the Philippines. (There could even be a react-native app in the future, who knows?)

One Ten-Sentence Article Per Day for April

I’ve decided that I was really just fooling myself with the writing thing because I wasn’t constantly shipping. It’s probably too much of a reach for me that I decided that I’ll have to ship an article per day, just like what Seth Godin, Casey Neistat, and Gary Vaynerchuk does.

Still not confident in sharing it with the rest of the world, but make no mistake, by the end of April, I will rewrite these 30 ideas into 30 blog posts and share it out. My idea is that I’ll spend 30 days and 30 articles getting better at creating these.

Those articles are scoped to exactly ten (an arbitrary number of) sentences each. I got this from Chase Jarvis, I think, where he said that it’s easier to design things if there’s a constraint to them. I completely agree: ten sentences is just short enough that I don’t get anxious starting, while long enough that an article gets substance.