Weekly Recap, 1537: Chinatown, Culture Problems

On the 1537th week of my life, I:

I’m adding a new feature to Daryllxd: adding books. I’ve sort of had to synchronize this blog’s reading list with that I’ve actually read and I find myself being really behind, like for weeks at a time.

I also decided no to one of the companies that I was applying to. They didn’t have a work from home option. This is actually a huge deal because a commute to and from work is almost 2, possibly even 3 hours a day. While I tried to solve that by cycling to work, the heat has been suffocating. While travelling across Manila it is not uncommon to have 34 degrees Celsius (apparent temperature is probably higher due to the relative humidity. Of course I’m going to try out but to be honest I’ve been insulated from the commute for the last 3 and a half years that I did not realize it was this insane.


When you’re looking at a map of Manila, you think to yourself, why aren’t people passing through these specific parts of Manila? Well if you get there you’ll see why. Thin streets really suck. :(