Weekly Recap, 1542/5000: Learning More About Products/Studying Interview Processes

On the 1542th week of my life, I:

Rethinking About the Way I use Certain Sites

Over the past few weeks, I’ve changed the patterns of how I access the popular sites. In the same way that I try to eat as few junk food as possible because it’s not good for me, I’m now making a conscious effort to limit the consumption of crappy content. It’s not the most fun thing to do but it will be helpful in the long run.

Reddit: Programming/Ruby/Java Script/CS Career Questions/Web Dev/Dev Ops/other career stuff + Get Disciplined + Journaling

Instagram: Just my closest friends + a bunch of motivational quotes + photography nerds. I love Instagram’s search feature because it allows you to discover cool photography things. The problem is that most of its recommendations are of celebrities and selfies and whatever. They distract me and clutter up my feed. So to solve this I did the arduous (not really, it took about 15 minutes) task of “I don’t want to see this” for celebrity and “people taking a selfie” posts. After the first 30 or so times I did, this the recommender system recognized that “hey this person doesn’t like seeing celebrities” and changed my suggested images to photos of nature and shit. Yay Instagram.

I think people need to be more accountable when it comes to their consumption of digital goods in the same way that they have to be accountable when it comes to their consumption of physical goods. If a website is not helping you, block it. I’ve blocked Tabloid-ish whatever sites from my machines. These deserve no time and no brainpower.


Tips from Time

What to do if you have an important test at 2 in the afternoon? Take a restorative break before the test. 20 minutes with a friend is better than solo move (e.g. talke a walk) be in nature don’t talk about the test don’t take your phone with you

What to do if you are a night-owl and have an important meeting at 8am? 1) prepare the day before in your peak time in the evening: write a check list what you want to accomplish and/or say next day 2) before the meeting go out for a walk around the block (restoritative break) 3) boost your mood before the meeting by doing something good for somebody else