Weekly Recap 1543/5000: Hello TradeGecko!

On the 1543rd week of my life, I:

Hello TradeGecko

Okay I’m really hoping that this is going to push through (I’m writing this on June 24, because I crammed this part hehe) but I’m at a 99.9% certainty already, so. I’ve accepted a new job offer at TradeGecko Singapore as a senior developer. Yeah… It’s so weird to say this because when I graduated back in 2014, I was just dreaming of being a senior developer, and now it’s officially here. Really proud of myself. I busted my ass, put in thousands of hours of study and work, had the trials and tribulations, felt good, felt bad, but yeah I’ve sort of made it at least on an international level.

If any future officemates read this, hello guys, thank you for trusting me. I’ll do my best :)

Lifelong learning, Charlie Munger

Positive Social Media


Bringing an A-Game, Competition

All good employees/high performers are usually competitive AF.

It’s like my job is to assimilate those ideas and crystallize them into something that adds value to the world.

Carl Braun


Making sure I did my best.